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Statement on Counterfeiting and Plagiarism of SONG Brands by SONG PLUS and Other Brands

The lack of regulation for the three no products poses a risk to health. Eating three no e-cigarettes poses significant safety hazards.

Recently, our company discovered a counterfeit brand "SONG PLUS" deliberately plagiarizing our brand name and product concept, maliciously borrowing SONG's reputation, misleading consumers to think it is an upgraded product of SONG and selling it on the market. It is a violation of the SONG brand and a lack of responsibility towards consumers.

SONG hereby solemnly declares that it is a legitimate and compliant brand holding a tobacco monopoly production license. From raw material purchase to production and sales, we strictly control the use of food grade essence and flavor and industry-leading nicotine salt technology. We are committed to providing users with high-quality, high safety products.

Three no electronic cigarettes have serious problems with excessive heavy metals and formaldehyde, and after smoking for a period of time, the following problems are prone to occur:

1. Dizziness, chest tightness, nausea;

2. Damage to brain development;

3. Inducing various blood diseases and cancers.

The main reason is the excessive use of spices, as well as some impurities and solvents in some low-quality essence.

The UK government is making every effort to promote legal e-cigarettes to smokers. "For smokers, switching to e-cigarettes has many benefits, but the prerequisite is that they choose a legitimate product," said Helen Stokes Lampard, Dean of the Royal College of Medicine in the UK.

For the health rights and interests of consumers, please carefully distinguish the authenticity of products when purchasing. Please also request the relevant infringing parties to immediately stop plagiarism, delete relevant promotional materials, and cease sales activities.

In addition, there are also various counterfeit and inferior products in the market, which are directly plagiarized, have no bottom line, and behave poorly. SONG hereby solemnly declares that is the official website of SONG Only One, and all styles that do not appear on the official website are counterfeit products!


We hope that consumers can recognize the authenticity and welcome the public to report the source of plagiarism. Once confirmed, rewards will be given based on the level, with a maximum reward of 500000 yuan (details can be consulted with online customer service). Hereby declare!

Here are a few tips for players to identify authenticity:

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