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Who is better, e-cigarette or traditional cigarette?

With the rise of electronic cigarettes, many smokers are curious about the difference between traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. Today, SONGVAPE will introduce you to the difference analysis between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, let's take a look at the details.

1. Composition comparison

Cigarettes in the process of open flame burning, will produce tar and carbon monoxide and other carcinogens, long-term smoking of traditional cigarettes, tar will gradually erode and remain attached to the surface of the lungs, not only harm the body, but also yellow teeth, staining, affecting beauty. The process of smoking cigarettes produces second-hand smoke, which is harmful to the health of those around you.

The principle of electronic cigarettes is to generate water vapor by heating evaporating smoke oil, simulating the action and feeling of smoking, without producing tar and carbon monoxide, and without producing second-hand smoke. The main components of the liquid are: vegetable glycerin, vegetable glycerin, and a small amount of nicotine. The vapes produced by regular e-cigarette manufacturers are all food grade.


2. Structural comparison

There is a big difference in appearance between traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. Compared with ordinary cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have various shapes, sizes and different performance, which can meet more choices.

Structurally, traditional cigarettes consist of a variety of chemicals such as fuel, candle wax, ammonia, and paint, and burn tobacco at a high temperature of 800 to 1,000 degrees Celsius, in addition to tar, but also contain a variety of carcinogens. The e-cigarette is powered by the host to the heating wire of the atomizer, which evaporates the smoke oil inside the atomizing core to produce smoke, thereby releasing food-grade substances such as nicotine and food flavor.


3. Scene differences

These awkward moments of smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes can help you solve:

(1)When you want to smoke, the people around you don't like the smell of smoke? E-cigarettes taste pleasant, are safer without tar, and do not produce "second-hand smoke."

(2)Smoking cigarettes outdoors, there is a fire risk? Electronic cigarettes do not need to ignite, and no open flame is not easy to cause fire.

(3)Forget to buy cigarettes? Choose a large-capacity e-cigarette, one can smoke for a long time.

(4)Cigarette ash is blown all over the ground by the wind? Electronic cigarettes do not burn will not produce soot, environmental health pollution-free.


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